Integrate Yotpo Swell

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Example of Yotpo Loyalty Segment

Why install Yotpo for Zaius?

  • Augment customer records with attributes like Loyalty Points Balance and Loyalty Tier
  • Create personalized content that uses the customer's current Loyalty Points Balance or Loyalty Tier
  • Remind your customers to share their referral link to earn points
  • Notify customers that their shared referral link has not been claimed
  • Notify customers that they have achieved a new Loyalty Tier and drive them to your website to claim rewards or that they have lost a Loyalty Tier and provide actions to earn the tier back
  • Reward customers with Birthday offers
  • Remind customers that they have unused Loyalty Points that are expiring soon

Requirements and limitations

  • An active paid subscription to Yotpo Loyalty (also known as Swell or Yotpo Swell).
  • The ODP Yotpo app does not import Ratings and Reviews at this time.
  • The ODP Yotpo app does not import historical data from Yotpo, data is collected on a go-forward basis.
  • The beta does not support Loyalty Tier, Coupon or Offers in event-triggered campaigns.

Configure Yotpo Swell

In Optimizely Data Platform (ODP):

  1. Go to Account Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select Yotpo.
  3. Click Install.
  4. Copy the Webhook URL to clipboard. In Yotpo Swell:

  5. Click Settings.
  6. Paste the URL from Zaius (step 4 above).
  7. Click Save.

After you click Save, updates to customers will happen as they occur, in real-time. Yotpo Swell does not support historical import at this time.

Available Recipes

Gain access to the following recipes by contacting Optimizely support.

Recipe Name
Yotpo: Loyalty Referral Completed
Yotpo: Loyalty Points Expire Soon
Yotpo: Loyalty Coupon Reminder
Yotpo: Loyalty Coupon Earned
Yotpo: Loyalty Tier Earned
Yotpo: Loyalty Tier Lost
Yotpo: Loyalty Points Available Reminder
Yotpo: Loyalty Referral Not Claimed
Yotpo: Loyalty Birthday Coupon

Data Overview


Standard Events

Event Type Event Action Used by Yotpo
loyalty points_added x
loyalty points_removed x
loyalty referral_completed x
loyalty referral_link_shared x
loyalty tier_earned x
loyalty tier_lost x

App Events

Event Type Event Action Fields
loyalty yotpo_coupon_awarded yotpo_redemption_id yotpo_redemption_option_id yotpo_perk_id
loyalty yotpo_points_redeemed yotpo_redemption_id yotpo_redemption_option_id
loyalty yotpo_redemption_reminder yotpo_redemption_option_id yotpo_points_needed
loyalty yotpo_birthday_reminder current_loyalty_points_balance yotpo_redemption_id yotpo_redemption_option_id

Objects & Fields

The Yotpo Swell app imports all data in the Loyalty & Rewards base schema IN ADDITION TO the objects and fields below.


Object Name
Yotpo Perks (yotpo_perks)
Yotpo Redemptions (yotpo_redemptions)
Yotpo Redemption Options (yotpo_redemption_options)

Events (events)

Field Name Type Description
yotpo_redemption_id string ID of the associated redemption (coupon) in Yotpo
yotpo_redemption_option_id string ID of the associated redemption option (coupon type) in Yotpo
yotpo_points_needed number Points a customer needs to earn for a coupon in a coupon reminder event
yotpo_perk_id string The ID of the Yotpo Perk (reward) relevant to this event
yotpo_referred_customer_first_name string First name of the referred customer
yotpo_referred_customer_last_name string Last name of the referred customer

Customers (customers)

To learn more about Customers in ODP, refer to the following:

Field Name Type Description
yotpo_points_earned number Number of loyalty points earned via Yotpo
yotpo_points_expire_at ts Expiration date, if applicable, for when Yotpo points expire
yotpo_last_seen_at ts Date/time customer was last seen by Yotpo
yotpo_third_party_id string Third party ID, if any, for this customer provided to your eCommerce Yotpo integration
yotpo_pos_account_id string POS account ID, if any, for this customer provided to your eCommerce Yotpo integration
yotpo_has_store_account boolean True if this customer is associated with a store account through Yotpo
yotpo_source string Where the customer came from, if referred
yotpo_expiration_job_id string Expiration job ID within Yotpo
yotpo_perks_redeemed number Number of perks redeemed through Yotpo

Loyalty Tiers (loyalty_tiers)

Field Name Type Description
yotpo_loyalty_tier_points_multiplier number Points multiplier for this tier in Yotpo

Loyalty Referral Codes (loyalty_referral_codes)

Field Name Type Description
yotpo_emails_sent number Number of emails sent by Yotpo
yotpo_emails_viewed number Number of views for emails sent by Yotpo
yotpo_facebook_shares number Number of Facebook shares through Yotpo
yotpo_email_shares number Number of email shares through Yotpo
yotpo_twitter_shares number Number of Twitter shares through Yotpo
yotpo_links_clicked_from_facebook number Number of clicks for Facebook shares through Yotpo
yotpo_links_clicked_from_email number Number of clicks for email shares through Yotpo
yotpo_links_clicked_from_twitter number Number of clicks for Twitter shares through Yotpo
yotpo_average_amount number Average referral order value as reported from Yotpo
yotpo_unique_clicks number Number of unique clicks for messages sent through Yotpo

Yotpo Perks (yotpo_perks)

Field Name Type Description


Yotpo Perk ID
campaign_id number Associated campaign ID within Yotpo
merchant_id number Associated merchant ID within Yotpo
customer_id number Associated customer ID within Yotpo
reward_points number Reward points associated with the perk
completed boolean True if the requirements for the perk were met
completed_at timestamp When the perk was rewarded
awarded boolean True if the perk was awarded/redeemed
awarded_at timestamp When the perk was awarded
pending boolean True if the award is pending
reversed boolean True if the perk was reversed in Yotpo
reversed_at timestamp When the perk was reversed
expired_at timestamp When the perk expired
expires_at timestamp When the perk expires
redemption_option_id number The ID of the associated redemption option
history_title string History description provided by Yotpo
created_at timestamp When the perk was created
Field Name Type Description
redemption_id string ID of the redemption in Yotpo
created_at timestamp When the redemption was created
updated_at timestamp When the redemption was last updated
reward_text string Description of the reward, formatted for display to a customer
approved boolean True if the redemption was approved
approved_at timestamp Time when the redemption was approved
is_admin boolean True if created by an admin
is_pos boolean True if created at POS
at_checkout boolean True if created at checkout
third_party_id string Third-party id associated with the redemption, for example, coupon code

Yotpo Redemption Options (yotpo_redemption_options)

Field Name Type Description
redemption_option_id string ID of the redemption option in Yotpo
name string Name of the redemption option in Yotpo
description string Description of the redemption option in Yotpo
icon string Icon used by the Yotpo integrations to represent this option
cost_text string Cost to redeem, formatted for display to a customer
amount number Number of points required to redeem for this reward


Name Parent Child
yotpo_redemption_option events yotpo_redemption_options
yotpo_redemption events yotpo_redemptions
yotpo_perk events yotpo_perks
yotpo_redemption_option yotpo_perks yotpo_redemption_options