Integrate your ecommerce data

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ODP Lite is not available to new customers as of May 1, 2024.

Data is the key component in using Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) Lite. The first step to get data into your account is to implement the ODP JavaScript tag on your site. If you have not already completed the first few steps of onboarding, see our developer documentation on implementing the ODP JavaScript tag and importing your data.

Once you complete the first few steps of onboarding, you can optionally configure additional integrations for your customer and ecommerce data.

Integrate Optimizely Customized Commerce

Follow the Optimizely Customized Commerce integration guide to integrate ODP Lite with Optimizely Commerce Cloud.

If you do not have Optimizely Customized Commerce, read the section below about what a complete integration collects.

Data collected in an ecommerce integration

This table contains the minimum data needed for integration. You can always expand on this data using our APIs, Web SDK, and CSV uploader.

Data type Description Historical On-Going Action

Customer data

All fields that describe a customer and their attributes. Yes Yes



Order data Purchases in ODP Lite. Each order has a unique ID but can be updated over time, such as a return for a specific order. Yes Yes




Product data Items in product catalogs expressed as a product entity. Yes Yes



Website data The touchpoints a customer has with your brand. No Yes

page views

product page views

add to cart

remove from cart