Global search

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The global search bar for the Content Marketing Platform (CMP) finds tasks, campaigns, events, pitch requests, or library files. Enter a term in the global search box.

Global search does not include archived objects. To view archived work, use the Plan view.
  • Search results display best matches as you type.
  • Keywords that match your search term are highlighted in the results.
  • Results are grouped by the category (tasks, library, and so on) in which you can find the term and ordered with the most relevant on top.
  • For an object to display in results, the search term must match text within that object. For each category, the searched text areas are:

    • Campaigns – title, text-based fields
    • Tasks – title, description, associated article title, associated article text, text-based fields
    • Library – title, associated article text
    • Events – title, description, text-based fields
    • Work Requests – title, text-based fields
    • Pitch Requests – title
  • To see more results in a particular category, click See results, or click a category name (such as Tasks).
  • Click a result to open the object in the CMP and minimize the results pane. (Your search terms and results are saved; click the search box to retrieve.)

  • Click X to clear your search results and clear the search term from the search bar.


Each result contains key metadata to distinguish among results with similar names. For instance, tasks results display the task title, description, or article text (depending on where the matched term appeared), campaign name and color, the date due or completed (if any), if it was archived, and the workflow name.

Refine your search

You can change the dropdown in the search bar to search only within that category. The following image shows search refined to only tasks: