CMP overview

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Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) brings teams together to share plans, collaborate on assets, and execute campaigns. CMP lets you see the work your marketing organization is doing, including the entire content workflow—from brief to finalized content.

Opti ID is available for CMP. Opti ID provides single sign-on (SSO) access to CMP. See the Opti ID user guide for information about installing and adding CMP.

When you log in, the home page shows the CMP instance (Optimizely Marketing); you can have many instances from which to select. It also shows your work, your team's work, items that you are watching, and your most recently viewed items.


You can view the task's workflow when you access a task (such as AA "Hard Truths" Byline). 


In the following image, Step 4. Review was completed. (See Task workflow.)


You can edit content directly in CMP (and not have to link to another document). You can hide columns to expand your editing space. If you prefer, you can edit your files elsewhere and then incorporate them into CMP.

CMP lets you view the work of your marketing organization, such as a press release, blog, or other content. (See List view planning and Board view planning.) The following image shows the marketing campaigns (Big Bets in this example) in one place. You can design many views and select them from the Saved Views menu. The following example shows the CEO View selected.


The following image shows the CEO view of marketing activities by functional area.


When you select a campaign, you get its details in one place. The brief details how the campaign drives the pipeline from the existing customer base.  


The Activities tab of the CMS 12 Migration campaign shows the CMS 12 Pitch Deck.


You can access the CMS 12 Pitch Deck directly from CMP (and not have to get it from an external source). It shows that Kara is assigned to the content (see Step 1 in the workflow). 


You can comment with @username (such as @kara) to notify the person to whom you are directing the comment. 


You also can add or attach other content to your comment.


You can use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate an image. Add a description of what you want in the image and let AI do the rest—for example, Photo of a jaguar leaping in front of the sunset.


AI generates several images to choose from. You can regenerate the images until you find the one that best fits your text prompt. Select the image and click Add Selected.


The selected image is added to the CMS 12 Pitch Deck task, becoming one of its assets.


CMP manages marketing activities. For example, you can find the applicable assets for an upcoming ShopTalk event by entering shoptalk in the Library search field. 


You can also use AI to generate text for types of text content, such as blog posts, article titles, or outlines for articles. See Generate AI content.

You can search the entire CMP to find the campaign or tasks related to the conference, such as what booth the team will have at the ShopTalk event.


Click a search result and select an asset, such as the booth design renderings


As you build content, you can publish the content directly from CMP.