Manage users and teams

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If your organization migrated to Opti ID, you must manage users in Opti ID. See the Opti ID user documentation.

Manage users and teams in your organization. Admins can add and delete users to Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP). You can also group your users into teams within CMP.

Opti ID is available for CMP and provides single sign-on (SSO) access to CMP. See the Opti ID user guide for information about installing and adding CMP.

Manage users

Admins or users with Manage Users access can invite users and give them access to your instance. See Manage permissions and custom roles.

Click your avatar and select Users & Teams. The User Management page displays.

Users-Teams-a.pngTo invite a user, in the Invite Teammates section:

  1. Enter an email address in the text box.
  2. Select their user role.
  3. Click Invite.

You can assign a custom role or one of the following standard roles:

  • Admin – Can access everything and can view and modify any tasks. Admins can also manage users, teams, workflows, and other organization settings.  
  • Creators – Can access the entire platform except administrative settings. They can create and contribute to campaigns and tasks.
  • Collaborators – Can access work assigned to them or if work has a shared campaign or task. They cannot create campaigns or tasks. 
  • Guest – Can only submit requests and view the requests module. Within the requests module, they can manage their submitted requests and see where requests are in the queue. 
  • Library View-Only – Can see, search, and download assets only in the library module.



After you send the invitation, the invited user receives an email notification to join. When the user clicks Join my team, a sign-up page displays.

The user enters the required information on the sign-up page and clicks Continue to complete the registration process and access Optimizely Content Marketing Platform.

Delete users 

Admins or users with Manage Users access can remove user access to CMP by deleting users. See Manage permissions and custom roles.

To delete a user: 

  1. Go to your avatar > Users & Teams > Users.
  2. Click More (...) > Delete user.

Deleted users cannot log in or receive notification emails from CMP. CMP removes their names from user lists. Deleted users are not displayed in the Assignee and Comment drop-down lists for any work in CMP. Any tagged work or information that a deleted user previously created or modified and comments that a deleted user remains unchanged. 

You can use the Assignee filter to search for work assigned to a deleted user:

  1. Go to Plan.
  2. Click Filters to expand the filters column and select Assignees.
  3. Toggle on Include Deleted User.

Manage teams

A team is a group of users with delegated responsibilities in workflows.

  1. To create a team, select the Teams tab and click Create Team.


  2. Enter a team name.
  3. Enter the email address or usernames of the team member. These names display below after you add them. You can remove a member from the team. Click Create Team when you are done.


  4. Click Edit to edit a team.

    You can add and remove members or delete the team.