Apply organizational settings

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The Organization option lets you edit your organization’s settings and preferences. The changes you make here apply across the Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) for all users.

Go to your avatar and select Organization.

Configure general settings

The General tab lets you set the following:

  • Organization name, color, image
  • Default language
  • Default campaign sharing and default pitch request watchers
  • Business days for your organization


Configure publishing settings

The Publishing tab lets you turn on or off the publishing of content in the platform for your organization.


You can also add custom crop points for image editing while setting custom styles for usage in the text editor. Custom crop points determine the maximum width and height for images you publish to your feeds or sites.

The maximum size allowed by the Consent Management Platform (CMP) is 10 megapixels. You can add custom crop points at any time.

Custom styles apply the CSS styles defined on your hub to your published content. Applying a preset class in the text editor ensures consistency with your hub styles. If you change a style, CMP automatically updates any text that uses that style.


The Publishing tab also lets you set the following:

  • Allow-listed Article Canonical URL Parameters
  • Block-listed Terms – Enter terms, such as a competitor’s name, that you want to exclude, and they are automatically highlighted in Marketplace when searching for licensed content. 
  • Safe Search – Filter articles that contain offensive words from the search results in Marketplace and ensure that the content you are seeing is appropriate for your audience.
  • Shorter Links in Social Posts
  • Optimizely for Sales – Displays the API key.


Configure budgeting and financial settings

The Budgeting and Financials tab enters budgets for campaigns and tasks and maintains financial tracking. You manage budgets for campaigns and tasks at the user level in the Roles section of the User Management settings page. See Manage user and custom roles.


Hover over a feature for information about the purpose of each feature.

  • Budget Checking – Notifies users when budget overage or shortages are near.
  • Default Currency – Sets a currency for organizations.
  • Exchange Rates – Import the default currency from a CSV file.

Create custom domains for library assets

Share assets from the library with others with a public link. You can customize the link. See the Create custom domains for library assets topic for more complete information.


Configure Opal

You can also set the following on the Opal tab.

  • Enable AI – Toggle on or off generative AI features for all users within the instance.
  • Copilot (chat) – Select one or more AI assistants from the list for chat windows.
  • Text Generation – Select one or more AI assistants from the list to help you create content for briefs, tasks, web pages, and so on.
  • Text Correction – Select one or more AI assistants from the list to check for errors in content.



Configure miscellaneous settings

The Misc. tab displays or lets you set the following:

  • Access Key – Provided by CMP, the access key lets you access the platform.
  • Analytics Tracking Snippet – Provided by CMP, JavaScript that provides analysis of your marketing actions
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – A more secure way of logging into the platform.
  • Brand Compliance – Delivers aggregated email notifications to users for asset approvals and compliance checks.