Integrate Marketo

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Marketo is Marketing Automation software that lets users focus on account-based marketing, including email, mobile, social media, digital ads, web management, and analytics.

This topic describes setting up a Marketo account in the Content Marketing Platform (CMP).

  1. In Marketo, select Admin > Users and Roles.
  2. Select Roles > New Role and enter the following:
    • Role name – Enter API Role.
    • Description – Enter a description.
    • Permissions – Select Access API.


  3. Select Roles > Users.
  4. Click Invite New User.
    • API Role – Enable.
    • API Only – Enable.
    • Click Invite.


  5. Go to LaunchPoint.
  6. Click Installed services.
  7. Select New > New Service.
  8. In API Only User, select the email address for the API user you created and click Save.


    To complete the setup process and add a Marketo account, you need your Client Id, Client Secret, and Base URL in Marketo.

  9. To acquire Client ID and Client Secret, click View Details.


  10. To retrieve the Base URL, go to Web Services and copy the value of the Endpoint. The Base URL value is the Endpoint value without the /rest part.


  11. In Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP), select your avatar > Marketo.
  12. Click Connect Marketo Account and enter the Client Id, Client Secret, and Base URL.


  13. Click Add Account.
  14. Click Connect Marketo Account. Your connected Marketo account displays under the Marketo section of the Settings page. (To delete an account, click Delete (icon).)