Integrate LinkedIn Elevate

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LinkedIn Elevate is a feed-based social channel where content can be shared to a feed and then ingested to a CMS via a feed export URL. Similar to other social channels such as Salesforce, Hearsay, Hootsuite, and Spredfast, LinkedIn Elevate operates as a feed that you can set up in the Content Marketing Platform (CMP) as a social distribution channel.

Create a LinkedIn Elevate feed

  1. Go to your avatar > Social Accounts.
  2. Scroll to the the LinkedIn Elevate Feed Accounts section and click Add a LinkedIn Elevate Feed Account.


  3. Enter the name of your account and click Create. Your new feed displays in the list of LinkedIn Elevate Feed Accounts.

Publish to a LinkedIn Elevate feed

When you create a feed, it displays in the Publish section of a CMP task page.

  1. Click Add Channel and enter LinkedIn Elevate causes LinkedIn Elevate feeds to appear.


  2. After selecting the proper feed, complete the article URL (Canonical URL) field. Unlike other feed-based social channels, the article title or description cannot be separately sent to LinkedIn Elevate because LinkedIn Elevate itself requires the canonical URL. 


    It is imperative that you include a canonical URL/Article URL for your social post, or it will not publish. Most users typically publish an article to a WordPress site or to a feed before scheduling social posts via social channels for shares, so that the canonical URL can be generated to be included in the social posts later.

    Nonetheless, even if you create a Quick Share task and just include social posts for sharing, you can manually insert the URL of a published post/original article URL in the article URL field.

  3. If you want to publish the article to a WordPress/Feed and share the social posts simultaneously, you will not need to edit the social post scheduling. Before you click Publish to publish the article to the designated distribution channels, this is what the scheduling section will look like:


  4. After the article is scheduled for publishing on the desired date and time to the selected distributed channels, it appears in the Scheduling section alongside the distributions as shown below:


Export a LinkedIn Elevate feed

After the post gets published, click Export from the social account page to get your RSS feed endpoint. You can also use the RSS endpoint to export articles to LinkedIn Elevate.


Copy and paste this URL into your address bar to see the articles posted in your feed.

Delete a LinkedIn Elevate feed

To delete a feed from the list of connected feed-based distributions, click Delete (icon). Clicking Delete in the confirmation dialog box permanently removes your feed from the list.