Integrate Instagram

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Streamline your social media publishing efforts by connecting your organization’s Instagram account to Content Marketing Platform (CMP). 

Authorize your Instagram account

  1. Select you avatar > Social Accounts.
  2. Scroll to Instagram Basic Accounts and click Add an Instagram account. You can enter an email address for Optimizely to send you images.


  3. Authorize your account to the CMP with your username and password.


    Your Instagram account becomes connected and appears in the Instagram section of the Settings page.


In CMP, you can find/edit, centralize, collaborate and approve your caption/image and then on publish, the image and caption is emailed to the Instagram user that has the app loaded on their phone.

Enable, disable or delete your Instagram account

Go to Social accounts > Instagram.


  • Use the toggle switch to enabled or disable a social account in the CMP.
  • Click Delete (icon) to delete an Instagram account. A dialog box displays to confirm that you are willing to delete previously scheduled social posts, since deletion of the channel deletes those posts and result in publishing failures.