Integrate HootSuite feed

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To share content to your Hootsuite account, Content Marketing Platform (CMP) uses the Feed API to pass a curated feed of your content across into an RSS Reader on the Hootsuite side. The actual publication of the article to social channels takes place within your Hootsuite account and there is no sharing of account credentials between each system. To share content to social media it must already be published to your website. This is because we must await the pixel in your content to pass us back the link to that article.

HootSuite setup on CMP

  1. Select your avatar > Social Accounts
  2. Scroll to HootSuite Feed Accounts and click Add a HootSuite Account.


  3. Enter a name and click Create. The account is added to the list.


  4. Click Export to obtain the Feed URL.


HootSuite setup on Syndicator app

Install the Hootsuite Syndicator app to your account before proceeding. You also can access the App Directory in your Hootsuite account.

  1. Go to the app in your Streams view.
  2. Click Subscribe to Feeds. The Feed Manager view appears.


  3. Click Add Feeds.
  4. Paste the Feed URL that you exported into this box and click Done.


  5. Although your feed is added to the Subscriptions view, it is not visible until you click Play.


  6. To share across social platforms, click Share.


    • You can customize your Syndicator account to show content from multiple feeds.
    • You can star or favorite individual articles, add notes to each and share to Amplify.
    • You can access the full Quick Start Guide for Syndicator here. (Sign in required)
  7. Clicking Share opens the Legacy Composer view, which lets you schedule, customize and post your content to whatever social channels you may have set up in your Hootsuite account. 


    You can also schedule the post for a time/date in the future and edit this scheduled post in the New Composer if you require that functionality.