Why has recommendation revenue, CTR or CTP increased/decreased?

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There are multiple factors which can contribute to an increase or decrease in engagement with recommendations and their performance on your site.

These can be for example one or more of the following:

  1. Placeholders - products which are unknown to Episerver Personalization (i.e. products not in feed)
  2. Incorrect product information in feed (e.g. attributes, categories, prices etc.)
  3. Site structure change
  4. Change to product feed structure/changes to ref codes
  5. New season launch
  6. Sale period/price adjustment
  7. New AB test/new test group rolled out
  8. Changes to merchandising/strategy on site without AB testing
  9. Recent change in marketing activity
  10. Expansion to other markets/channels
  11. "markAsShown" functionality added/removed/broken
  12. Recent changes/problems with revenue tracking
  13. Problems with page tracking
  14. Recent issues with serving recommendations
  15. Changes to recommendation position
  16. Changes to recommendation size
  17. Changes to number of recommendations served
  18. Changes to pages showing recommendations
  19. Changes to recommendation styling (price, title, star ratings etc)
  20. Recently underwent re-platforming

The Episerver Personalization team regularly monitors the performance of recommendations on all sites we work with so we may notify you of any unusual behavior. If you have any concerns, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email developersupport@episerver.com.