Why are products not loading within the widget?

  • Updated

 If no recommendations are shown in one or more widgets on the site (but they do show in other widgets), please perform the following checks.

1. Check that tracking requests are still sent to Episerver Personalization from the affected page(s).

JavaScript API integration

  • Is the correct Episerver Personalization tracking script being called? The tracking script should look similar to this:
<script type="text/JavaScript" src="//clientname.peerius.com/tracker/peerius.page" charset="UTF-8"></script>

Please contact the Episerver Service Desk if you are unsure what your clientname is.

  •  Is the JSON tracking variable defined correctly? Check your code and make sure that the PeeriusCallbacks.track variable is defined according to the API specification, and available before the tracking script is called.

Server-to-server API or Episerver Native integration

  • Check that requests are still sent from the server and if you receive a 200 OK response back.

2. Check if there have been any changes to the page structure or template that could affect the recommendations widget. Check if there have been any changes to the rendering implementation for recommendations.

3. Check if the information passed in your product catalog feed is correct - URLs, image URLs, stock levels and product attributes. Episerver Personalization is only able to recommend products which are in the feed and are in stock. Depending on the configuration of the widget(s), there may be key attributes that are required for a product to be recommended. If the required attributes are not in the feed or are incorrect, then products may not appear as the recommendation criteria has not been met.

If you experience any issues with products or widgets loading, then please contact the Episerver Service Desk.