Preparing for eSync failures

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Once setup and if not changed sync usually runs without issues but occasionally failures will still happen due to a network problem, database issue, configuration problem or in some cases a product issue. To prepare for this possibility, please see below.

In many cases esync generates an error in the L4 or windows application event logs. It's possible to setup event viewer so you receive an email notification regarding the failure. This can reduce the time it takes to address and ultimately solve an issue.

To check if there are errors in the L4 logs you can check the following. 
Ektron L4 log - What is it used for?

If the Ektron Windows Service is actually stopping there are recovery settings you can change. In the Windows Services find the Ektron Windows Service 4.0, go into its properties and click the recovery tab. You can change the failure options so that the service automatically restarts. 

Once the issue occurs you check the Ektron Windows Service 40 logs and search the help center for any exceptions that occur there. 

If that fails, reach out to support for additional assistance.