Example on how to create a custom order process workflow for eCommerce site

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Developers have the option to use Ektron's standard functionality and out-of-the-box server controls to create an eCommerce website. See eCommerce Server Controls for more information.

Ektron also provides the ability to customize an eCommerce web site by creating a process workflow tailored to fit company specifications.

For more information on customizing eCommerce click here.

This article provides a sample on how to create a custom order process workflow.

Custom Workflow Sample Code

* Note - this code sample was built in Visual Studio 2012 using 9.1 SP2 references.

To use this sample code:

  1. Unzip the contents of the file to a desired location
  2. Open the Solution File in Visual Studio
  3. On the Visual Studio tool bar click the Build dropdown and click Build Solution
  4. In File Explorer navigate to the sample project's folder - OrderingSequentialFlow > bin > Debug
  5. Copy the OrderingSequentialFlow.dll and place the dll in the bin folder of the Ektron site C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Site Name\bin
  6. Navigate to Order Workflow settings in the CMS Workarea- Settings tab > Commerce > Fulfillment > Order Workflow
  7. Click the dropdown for the Available Workflows and select OrderingSequentialFlow option.
  8. Click Action and Save ('Workflow has been saved' should appear)