Troubleshooting eCommerce MSDTC Tools and Tips

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This article provides additional information for troubleshooting MSDTC when trying to properly configure eCommerce workflow.

Note: This information is regarding a component Ektron relies on for proper commerce functionality. The configuration of MSDTC on servers may vary based on network requirements.

For the Ektron recommended configuration of MSDTC, review the article here.

The tools below help diagnose environmental configuration issues with the MSDTC.
Troubleshooting MSDTC issues with the DTCPing tool
How To Use DTCTester Tool

Here are the downloads.
DTCPing Tool Download

These articles provide additional information on diagnostics errors.
Troubleshooting Problems with MSDTC
MSDTC Connection Failing (DMZ to Internal)
What Is an RODC?

This resource discusses SQL cluster considerations.
MSDTC through a firewall to a SQL cluster with RPC