Understanding coupon management

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Ektron's eCommerce feature lets you generate coupons to provide discounts to customers, either to attract new business or reward loyalty. Coupon management includes the following features such as:

  • Percentage discounts-you can set a maximum coupon value regardless of the amount calculated by percentage.
  • Limit to catalog entries that you accept
  • Limit to most or least expensive entry
  • Limit to 1 use per customer
  • Limit from being used with other coupons
  • Limit to a date range when coupon is active
  • Specify a maximum number of redemption's
  • Specify a minimum order amount required to activate coupon


There are some things that one would need be considered when creating coupons using the coupon manager:

  • Coupons can be disabled but not deleted; when removing a coupon from the Workarea it remains in the database accounting purposes
  • The same coupon name cannot be used more than once; once a coupon is created, the name is stored and can no longer be used when creating coupons thereafter

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