Ektron toolbar did not load due to a script error

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The Ektron toolbar did not load and the JavaScript debugger (F12 in most browsers) showed a script error related to being unable to parse the JSON that the API was expected to return.

SCRIPT1014: Invalid character
Boot.js, line 16 character 5

Caused by:
The settingsURL variable in the  [ siteroot ]/UX/boot.js  file references the location of the Ektron API. If changes to IIS or changes to the API path were made after the initial CMS installation, the path assigned to the settingsURL variable is no longer accurate.


Edit [ siteroot ]/UX/boot.js  and assign the correct API path to the settingsURL variable. For example:  settingsURL = '/[ siteroot ]/api/ux/';

Note:  A typical  siteroot  path for an OnTrek installation is  c:/inetpub/wwwroot/OnTrek/