Difference between a template and a wireframe template and a master layout

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What are the differences between a template, a wireframe template, and a master layout template

The word template gets thrown around a lot in the product but it helps to know what kind of template is being referenced. Below outlines the difference between a template, a wireframe template, and a master layout template.

Wireframe Template
A wireframe template is sometimes referred to a pagebuilder template or just wireframe in the CMS. These templates are used for pagebuilder pages and have dropzones for widgets. 

Master Layout Template
The Master Layout Template or Master Pagebuilder page is an extension of the wireframe template. It allows admins to setup specific dropzones in the wireframe to be editable by users while giving the ability for others to modify different columns to change things such as menu's or advertising content that is applied to the associated content referenced by the master layout.

The template is the generic layout for a page in the cms. It is a standard asp.net template generally that offers the user no option to edit values unlike its counterpart the wireframe template. Generally content is dynamically referenced on a standard template and pulled in via querystring parameters to populate content to display to the end user.