Device Configuration only allows 3 digits

  • Updated

Can’t enter more than 3 characters in the width and height text boxes under Settings>Configuration>Device Configuration.

In a Windows Explorer folder go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\CMS4008.X\Workarea\controls\DeviceConfiguration and edit the file named AddEditDeviceConfiguration.ascx.

In this page, do a search for “maxlength”. You will see to entries with the values set to 3. Change those values to look like maxlength = “4”. Then, save your file and you will then be able to create device configurations with four characters, instead of three. This is what the code will look like in the file, the part you will want to adjust is in bold.

                                     "><%=_messagehelper.getmessage("lbl device preview width")%>:


                                        style="width:30px;" id="tbAddPreviewWidth" runat="server"/> px                  




                                     "><%=_messagehelper.getmessage("lbl device preview height")%>:


                                        maxlength="3" style="width:30px;" id="tbAddPreviewHeight" runat="server"/> px