Can You Disable or Hide the Ektron Toolbar in Version 9?

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We have upgraded our Ektron version to 9.0 and there's a new Ektron toolbar at the top while viewing the website while logged-in.

Is there a way to hide this toolbar for a specific user group or just hide it for everyone in general?

The Ektron site toolbar is actually controlled via a checkbox setting in the workarea. 

It's kind of an all or nothing sort of situation where it's either on or it's off, you can't pick or choose who can or can't see it. 

If you want to turn it off completely, open the workarea and go to Settings -> Configuration -> Template Configuration. 

In here you should see the Enable Toolbar check box. To disable the toolbar on specific templates, simply uncheck the box. 

For more information on the toolbar, please see our documentation: