Add a widget for selection on templates

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This article covers how to add widgets within the workarea to allow them to be selected on the front end of the website.

Once your widget code has been deployed to the widgets folder in the site root of the website, complete the steps below in order to use it.

  1. Open the workarea folder.
  2. Navigate to Settings Configuration Personalizations Widgets.
  3. Click on the Synchronize Widgets from /widgets/ folder button.
  4. Look at the list. If your widget doesn't appear in the list, then it has not been copied to the widgets folder in the site root.
  5. If your widget is in the list, navigate to settings configuration template configuration.
  6. Edit the wireframe template you would like the widget to appear on. Wireframe templates will be denoted with (Wireframe Template).
  7. Update the template to include your widget by finding it in the list and clicking on it.
  8. Update the template configuration.
  9. View a page referencing the template in edit mode on the site and verify your widget is listed. Note that you must reload the page before it will be available.

For workarea dashboard widgets the process is slightly different.

  1. Make sure the widget is placed in the /workarea/widgets folder
  2. Follow steps 1-3 from the steps above. Note that workarea widgets will not show up in the list after synchronizing
  3. Navigate to settings configuration personalizations widget space
  4. Edit the UserSmartDesktop widget space
  5. Select the new widget from the list and update. If the widget did not display in this list, then there may be an issue with the widget or it was put in the wrong folder.
  6. Click on the desktop tab in the workarea
  7. On the far right-hand side you should see a dropdown icon. Click on this and your widget should be available to drag into the widget space.
    Widget space dropdown