Twitter Widget Does Not Work Anymore

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Customers report when trying to use the Ektron Twitter Widget that the widget does not work.

This is not an Ektron issue but a change that Twitter made that caused a drop in this control's support.

Twitter stopped the feeds and the Ektron product stopped shipping it as part of the product after 8.5.1 due to Twitter's dropping the feeds.

There were some workarounds for a time for users like below.

1. Use one of Twitter's builtin widgets:

2. Whereas the RSS feed used to be discover-able from a user's profile/home page you now need to go digging in the code and work out what the user's twitter ID is and format URL from that:

3. Thrid party sites and services have also sprang up that can create a feed of your tweets. Additionally, Twitter have effectively deprecated relying on the existence of these feeds at all.

According to the article below RSS support from Twitter was discontinued on March 5, 2013.

So, at this time this is not available through Ektron via the Twitter Widget.

For other options please look to examples below.