Handling the wurfl.patch.xml file

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This article covers how to create and use a patch file for the WURFL definitions used by the Ektron CMS.

In releases prior to 8.6, you would edit the siteroot/App_Data/wurfl.patch.xml file to add mobile devices not in the WURFL file. In release 8.6, the siteroot/web.config file no longer refers to the wurfl.patch.xml file by default. Here is that web.config element in 8.6:

<mainFile path="~/App_Data/wurfl.zip" />
    <!-- Optional patch -->
<!--patch path="~/App_Data/web_browsers_patch.xml" /-->

If you updated the wurfl.patch.xml file and want to continue to use that information in 8.6:

Uncomment the patch element shown above.

  1. Uncomment the patch element shown above.
  2. Within that element, replace the web_browsers_patch.xml file with wurfl.patch.xml.

Note: The XML file contining additional mobile device information does not need to be named wurfl.patch.xml or web_browsers_patch.xml. But whatever you name it, you must place it in the App_Data folder and insert the name into the patch element's path property.