How to find the Ektron Windows Service, Site, and Database Version

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See below for how to find the version you are using among the database, site, and Ektron Windows Services.

Database version:

Depending on the version of the CMS, there can be 2 ways to do this (if you've applied a CU to the database, the first query will reflect it) 

  • SELECT * FROM version_history

    NOTE: This method works only on newer versions.

  • SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR, version) FROM settings

CMS version:

Open the web.config and find the ek_buildNumber value.

Service pack version:

In the same file, find the ek_ServicePack key value. 

Cumulative update version:

In the same file, find the ek_PatchUpdate key value.

Ektron Windows Services Version:

Open the Ektron Windows Service config and look for the InstallVersion key value.

File location: <DriveLetter>:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\EktronWindowsService40\Ektron.ASM.EktronServices40.exe.config

<add key="InstallVersion" value="" />

The EWS version must match among all servers in an eSync relationship.

NOTE: In Ektron versions prior to 8.50, the path is EktronWindowsService30, and the version key is not present.

Solr Version:

navigate to the below page to see the current Solr version. 
http://NameOfSearchServer:7611/solr/ or http://NameOfSearchServer:7609/solr/ depending on the version used.