Change the Logging Level in the CMS

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To troubleshoot some issues, support may request that you change your logging level in the web.config to trap extra errors that may be occurring on your website. Below is a list of the various levels and how to change the logging level.

The log level key is changed in the web.config file for the website

  1. Open the web.config file in the site root
  2. Search for the following key

    <add name="LogLevel"

  3. Change the key to one of the following values below.

            1 = Error:  Only Errors are logged.
            2 = Warning:  Only warnings and Errors are logged.
            3 = Information:  Only Informationals, Warnings, and Errors are logged.
            4 = Verbose:  Everything is logged.

  4. Perform the tests on your website and send the information to support.
  5. When finished, it is best to change this key back to 1 so your logs do not grow large and performance is not impacted.