How to use problem steps recorder

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Problem Steps Recorder is a Microsoft tool built into your pc. When troubleshooting support issues it can be very useful as it provides a way to step through your issue and provide us with a zip file clearly showing the exact steps taken to replicate an issue. 

More information on Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) can be found on Microsoft's website

Below are some quick points on how to use the tool.

  1. In your start screen or start menu search box type "psr" 
  2. Run the application "Steps Recorder"
  3. Click on "Start Record"
    Steps Recorder
  4. Perform the steps necessary to replicate your issue. The tool will be capturing screenshots as you click.
  5. Add in any notes needed between steps for clarity by clicking on the "Add Comment" button.
  6. Click on "Stop Record."
  7. A save option will be presented. Save the capture to a folder (it will save as a zip file)
  8. Email the zip file into your support case or upload through the portal.