How To Perform a Server Migration in Ektron

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The time has come to migrate your environment to a different server but you're not entirely sure how to pull that off successfully.

  1. Install the CMS base on the new server.

    Access the download file from the Customer Portal via the downloads page.

    • If you need a download link for a version older than 8.02SP5, contact Ektron Support.
    • If you need step-by-step instructions on how to install the CMS base, choose the documentation relevant to your version.
  2. Setup a min site on the new server.
    How to Create a Min Site

    When you run the base installer, make sure to select Full Installation and let it run through the process to set up a new min site.

  3. If your site had cumulative site updates applied you will need to apply these again to the min site.
  4. Ensure that the web.config's wspath is correct
  5. After the min site is installed, copy your files only (DO NOT copy the web.config, bin directory, workarea or any other file/directory installed by the CMS site setup) from the old server to the new server. You may have your custom files in bin, widgets, app_code and other directories which need to be copied.
    Tip: Use beyond comparewinmerge or another utility to ensure all of your custom files are moved over.
  6. Copy the following directories in the root of your site from the old server to the new one: UploadedFiles, UploadedImages, Assets, PrivateAssets. 
  7. Copy the AssetLibrary folder from your old server to the new one. You can find the location of this file in the Workarea > Settings > Configuration > Asset Server Setup. Look for Storage Location, which points to the location of the assetlibrary on your system.  Move this to the same location on your new server.

    NOTE:Only perform Step 8 if you are running a version prior to version 8.5, where the index search is still being used. Environments that use Search Server, FAST, or Solr should not complete step 8.

  8. On the new server, run SearchConfigUI ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400v80\Utilities\SOFTWARE\SearchConfig\SearchConfigUI.exe ) to create new search catalogs on the server.

    If you have any questions or concerns before going through this process, contact Ektron Support.