How to create a new IIS test Site.

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This KB article shows how to create a new IIS site for testing and then link it to your current site files without affecting the running site.

  1. Open the IIS Manager from Start Control Panel / Administrative Tools / IIS Manager .
  2. Add the website.
    1. Expand the tree on the connections column.
    2. Right-click Sites .
    3. Choose  Add Web Siteā€¦ . The Configure New Website window appears.
      • Site name - Enter a name to identify your website.
      • Physical path - Enter the path to the website files that your current site uses. 
      • Binding set - You can select how the site is bound to the server.
      • Type - Select HTTP if you are unsure about the type.
      • IP Address - Select your IP here.
      • Port - Set this to a number that another site is not already using so that both sites can be active at once.
      • Host name - This should be your domain name. If you do not have one and want to use your IP, leave it blank.
  3. Set the new site's application pool to use Network Service or set it to the same user used by the previous site.

If the new site is pointing to the same file location as the old site, then you should not need to change anything in web.config to use the site, which should give you a way to see if an issue comes from IIS or from another location.