Error when applying a CU or SP upgrade

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When applying a CU or SP upgrade to a site an error box pops up stating "There is already an object named (object name) in the database"

Often times, this is due to the database user not having proper permissions set. To resolve please do the following:

1. Verify the database user by navigating to your site's web.config and searching for "connectionstrings". This will tell you the user associated with the site's database.

2. Open the SQL Management Studio version in which the database is stored.

3. In the left hand navigation panel expand "Security"

4. Expand "Logins"

5. Select the user that is found in the web.config connection string

6. In the top left of the user display box, select "User Mapping"

7. In the middle display, browse and click on the database used for the site

8. On the bottom display, set the user to db_owner

9. Click "ok"

Once these changes have been made, reapply the update and verify the issue has been resolved.