Pagebuilder Toolbar not showing up when logging in using SSO

  • Updated

When logging into the CMS or your site using Ektron's Single Sign On (SSO) page, autologin.aspx , the toolbar will not load on any pages. 

Ektron is aware of the issue and will implement a fix in a future version. For now, use the following workaround.

Add the following code to the /workarea/sso/autologin.cs template:

protected void Page_PreRender(object sender, EventArgs e) {  
ICmsContextService cmsContextService = ServiceFactory.CreateCmsContextService();  
IUser userService = ObjectFactory.GetUser();  
if(userService.IsLoggedIn && userService.IsCmsUser && cmsContextService.IsToolbarEnabledForTemplate && cmsContextService.IsDeviceHTML5)  
Packages.Ektron.UX.Register(sender as Page);