Pagebuilder Limitations of Three-Tier Architecture

  • Updated

  1. You create content (HTML, assets, PageBuilder pages, etc.) only in the Application tier. You can only view content from Presentation tier.
  2. Three-Tier Architecture uses WCF, which means there are limitations on API, widgets, and controls that can used in this architecture.


PageBuilder authoring needs to happen either:

  • In a staging environment, then use eSync to move PageBuilder Pages to the Production environment.
  • In the middle-tier of a production environment. In most cases, this is not possible since it is not on a public network. However, some Network Operations folks might consider offering access to this using a VPN.

Because Three-Tier Architecture uses WCF, it requires:

  • Templated server controls.
  • Widgets created by the Framework API. In 9.1SP1, only three widgets are Three-Tier Friendly at this time out-of-the-box. In the C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400v91\startersites\3TierMin\Content\widgets, one can see the ContentBlock, TaxonomySummary, and FormControl. All other widgets in the default site installation need to be redeveloped to use the Framework API or Templated Server Controls.