The Ektron CMS and silent installers

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Is it possible to setup a method for automatically installing the Ektron CMS or to create a silent installer?

Note: The Ektron CMS does not have a silent installer built into the product, and a silent installer would not be supported by our developer support team.

It may be possible to create a custom installer, but assistance in developing or maintaining the auto installer would fall into the realms of a services engagement as an additional paid resource.

This being said the following information provided from Microsoft may help as a starting point for developing a custom silent installer. The Setup.exe Command Options article is where this information is gathered from.

To record and use an .iss script with Setup.exe

  1. Run Setup.exe with the /r option.
  2. Install the application normally.
  3. When the installation is complete, collect the script file (usually named Setup.iss) from the Windows directory. (Alternatively, use the /f1: option to designate a file name and location.)
  4. To deploy the application silently, use the /s option in the Command Prompt window:
    Setup.exe /s /f1:path\filename.iss