CMS dashboard

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You must have at least CMS edit privileges to see the CMS dashboard.

The Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) dashboard displays information about your content that lets you quickly access from one place. 

  • Click on any of the Workflow Status tabs, and click any of the link names to go directly to editing the page. You can also select the options menu (...) to edit the page, or to edit the workflow for that page. See Approval sequences.
  • You can sort the Name, Last modified, and Modified by columns by clicking on them.
  • The following image shows activity on 12 pages: nine Drafts, and one each of Approved, Scheduled, or Rejected status. It also shows no broken links. When the dashboard is loaded, numbers display on each tab; to update the numbers, click on the tabs.


  • Click View Full Report to open the Reports tab to see broken links.

    Broken links shows the number of broken links in the database, and lists the pages with at least one broken link. If there is more than one broken link on a page, the page is listed only once. For example, if you have only one page with 25 broken links, it displays 25 broken links with a list of only one page. But if you have 25 pages with one broken link each, it displays 25 broken links with a list of 25 pages (five at a time). Also, only content that you can edit is shown so you can click to go to the content to fix the links.


    Broken links are not automatically updated. You need to refresh the dashboard to get the broken links gadget updated.
  • Select from the available languages to see the Dashboard in that language. The content list in every tab in the workflow status displays only content of that language.


    Administrators can enable the language filter options. Also, if you go to the dashboard and select Swedish (for example), you can go to another page and Swedish is maintained when you return to the dashboard. However, if you log out, the language filter is reset to the default language.