Optimizely Labs

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Optimizely Labs are applications (apps or add-ons) developed by Optimizely as experimental product trials. They include features that Optimizely wants your input on before committing a feature to a full release with full support and compatibility with other parts of the Optimizely platform.

The Optimizely Labs are free to use but must be installed by a developer.

Optimizely decides on the probable most commonly used scenarios when starting on a Labs app. These scenarios are tested before the Labs app is made available. They will also be supported by Optimizely as long as the Labs app is not discontinued. Other scenarios are not tested or supported.

A Labs app, or part of it, may be integrated with the core platform or released as a proper and fully supported app. It could be discontinued altogether. There are no promises that a Labs app's functionality will continue.

Labs features are not documented in this user guide. Instead, the documentation for each Labs app is found on GitHub.

Legal notice

Optimizely hopes that you want to use these Labs apps and find them useful, but you must be aware of the restrictions:

  • Functionality may be added, removed, or changed without prior notice.
  • The software may not work in all environments.
  • Labs apps have not been through the same quality assurance process as our other products and, in some cases, may show unexpected behavior.
  • Labs apps are not tested with other intra-product functionality (such as projects, languages, or content approvals) or with other parts of the Optimizely platform (such as Commerce or Search & Navigation) unless otherwise stated in the readme file found in the GitHub repositories. 
  • There is no support through the standard Optimizely Support channels. Issues and suggestions are handled directly by the development teams.


You should send Optimizely your feedback when you use these apps. The life of a Labs app is dependent on the usage and feedback. If it does not seem like customers are using it, there is a great probability that it will be discontinued. So if you like something, be sure to let Optimizely know!

You can also sign up to participate in future usability tests and help Optimizely improve new and existing features.

Currently available Labs apps

The following Labs apps are currently available:

Content Manager

Content Manager is a simplified version of edit view. It displays content items in a mobile-friendly card-like fashion where editors can edit each item inline. See the Content Manager GitHub repository.

Image: Content Manager

Grid View

Grid View helps you manage large volumes of data inside edit view. You can turn off the entire page tree or just one node of the page tree and instead get a flat structure with content items that render in the user interface and where you can search for items.

Image: Grid View

It depends on Content Manager, so to use it, you must also install Content Manager. See the Content Manager GitHub repository.