Use AI to rewrite product descriptions

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This feature is currently in beta. Contact your Customer Success Manager or sign up for the beta on

If you have products with identical descriptions or thin or missing product descriptions, you can use AI in Optimizely Configured Commerce to rewrite the descriptions by leveraging your product catalog data. This helps encourage Google and other search providers to keep your product detail pages within their index by providing unique, helpful, and reliable people-first content. 


Admin console

  1. Go to SettingsSystem SettingsOptiAI.
  2. Toggle Product Description Generation to Yes. This setting enables users to generate product descriptions with OptiAI. Default value: No.

You must have a role of ISC_System to see this setting.

Product content

  1. Click the Edit icon for a product.
  2. Go to Content. CreateRevision.png
  3. Click Create Revision and choose your option: Auto Generate New ContentAuto Rewrite or Manually Create RevisionManually Create Revision opens a modal and lets you select New Content or Rewrite. Click Regenerate if you are not satisfied with the AI's content. RevisionModal.png