Add 360-degree images to products

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If you want your customers to see your products from all angles, you can add 360 degree images to your Optimizely Configured Commerce site. This images appear in the Product Image carousel on the Product Detail pages of your site.

Enable the 360 image provider setting

You must have an account with a 360 degree image provider first (that is Sirv) with your 360 degree images hosted through them. This setting is website-specific.

  1. Go to Administration > System > Settings.
  2. Search for 360 Image Provider.
  3. Select your provider (that is Sirv) from the drop-down list. This setting determines the provider of 360 images for your site. Selecting a provider exposes the ability to add a 360 degree image URL to a product record in the Admin Console. Default value: None.


  4. Click Save.

Add the 360 degree image to the product

Enabling the 360 Image Provider'setting adds an Image Type option on the Product > Images finger tab.

  1. Go to Catalog > Products in the Admin Console.
  2. Click Add Product to create a new product or click Edit for an existing product.
  3. Select the Images finger tab.
  4. Click Add Product Image to add a new image or click Edit for an existing image.
  5. Select 360 Image for the Image Type.


  6. Enter the image URL in the 360 Image URL field. This URL maps to the Medium image path in the database.
  7. Click Save.