Assign assets to products

You can import assets-to-product assignments from the Imports page. The assets must already exist in the Optimizely Product Information Management (PIM).

  1. Click Imports. The Imports list page appears.  
  2. Select Import Template > Download Import Templates.
  3. Select Download for the Assign Assets to Products template if you have not already formatted your import file.
    The file must contain the following columns:
    • Asset Folder – The location of the asset within the PIM's digital asset management folder structure.
    • Asset Name – The name of the asset.
    • Product Number – The product number for the asset. List the product number multiple times if multiple assets are assigned to a single product.
    • Is Primary – Optional. For products with multiple images, this determines the primary image that will display for the product throughout your site. If no value is set, this will default to no.
    • Unassign – Optional. To unassign an asset from the product, enter yes. If no value is set, this will default to no. See Unassign assets, categories, and related products.
  4. Drag and drop the template file onto the Imports page. You can also click Import, locate your file, and click Open. The page automatically detects the Import Type and asks you in the Notes column to verify the import type selected. 
  5. Click Import. If you receive any validation errors, resolve them before importing again. You can download the provided file to view error messages specific to each row.
  6. View your import progress on the Imports list page. A log of the import also displays on the page when it is complete.