Filter products

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Filters let you find specific products that require your attention in Optimizely Product Information Management (PIM). Use filters to narrow your product list to a manageable group of products you want to focus on at that time. If you find yourself reusing a filter, you can save that filter as a collection for easy access. Collections can be global or private, and the products in a collection dynamically change as more products that meet the filter logic are imported.

Filters and collections are internal to the PIM for your team's organizational purposes. Your customers cannot see them.

Filtering also updates the count of records and paging options. Applied filters display above the grid by property name, filter option, and value. You can clear filters individually or all at once.


Depending on the column's property control type, you may see the following options:

Search operator of ContainsDoes not containStarts withEnds withEqualsDoes not equal or Reset

Property value of YesNoIs Empty, or Is Not Empty