Remove product relationship types

Because product relationship types are created in PIM through integration from Commerce, you must work through a combination of steps in Commerce and PIM to remove them.

In Commerce:

  1. Go to Administration > System Lists and edit ProductRelationship.
  2. Click on the Values tab, check the value for the relationship type you are removing, click Delete, and choose Archive.
  3. Go to Administration > Job Definitions and edit the PIM: Synch Setup Data.
  4. Click More to schedule the job.


  1. Verify that the products no longer have the removed relationship type.
  2. Republish products that had relationships adjusted.

These steps archive the relationship type in Commerce and completely remove it from the PIM. To permanently delete the relationship type, all product relationships must be cleared before deleting the value from the system list.

See Use multiple languages with PIM for information on multi-language properties and product completeness.