Integrate your AI

  • Updated

Optimizely currently supports Writer AI and Jasper. If you want to integrate another AI provider, Optimizely offers developer-friendly starter kits. Contact your Support manager for information.

Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) offers AI capabilities with Opal, the Optimizely AI assistant powered by Open AI. If you already use an AI model, you can bring your own AI (BYOAI) and integrate it with CMP, as shown in the following procedure.

  1. Select your avatar > Integrations.
  2. Search for your AI model and click Connect Now.
  3. Click Add API Key and register a webhook using the key you received from the AI provider. See Register webhooks
An administrator can toggle AI generation on or off for all users of an instance from the avatar > Organization > Opal tab. See Apply organizational settings.