Add fields to steps in a workflow

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See also Add a field to a workflow in Manage workflows.

Add a default field to all workflows

To add a default field for created workflows.

  1. Go to your avatar > Workflows. The Workflows page displays.
  2. In the Step/Substep Field, select Add Field and select the field you want as the default for every workflow, such as Action Type.


  3. Select a workflow and click Edit.


  4. Scroll to a step. Select options from the default field (such as Action Type).


    For the examples in this topic, the Article workflow has four steps. Assume the following.

    • Select Content Writing for the Create Content substep.
    • Select Content Writing for the Edit Content substep.
    • Do not select anything for the Brand Review step.
    • Select Approval for the Legal Review step.

Create a task and select the workflow

  1. Go to Plan.
  2. Select Add (+) > Task.
  3. Enter the Title of the task and click away to enter it.
  4. Edit the task by clicking the title.
  5. Select Select Workflow and then the workflow you want from the list. In this example, select Article defined in the previous section. 
  6. The Article steps display. You can see the Action Type displayed for each step when you open each step.


Change the workflow step field label

You can change (or add) the step field label on a flexible workflow from a task. For example, the Brand Review step was not labeled in the previous example. To add or change the label, use the following steps.

  1. On the step, select More (...) > Step Fields.


  2. Select the field label from the field's drop-down menu.


Filter tasks by field type

  1. Go to Plan > Calendar.
  2. In the View menu, select All Steps to make workflow steps visible on the calendar.
  3. Open the Filters panel.


  4. Click Add Filter.
  5. Select the field configured as the default for your workflows (Action Type in this example).
  6. Select an option from the field. The calendar displays only the tasks with Content Writing Action Types (in Content Creation steps).
  7. filter-tasks-by-field-type.png