Task workflow

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The platform's workflow system lets you create workflows directly from a task without going to the Workflow Settings page.

Create a workflow in a task

Workflow options are on the right-hand side.


  • Add a title for each step or sub-step.
  • Assign the step to a user.
  • Add a due date, or complete the step.
  • Optionally open the context menu (...) and select Add Sub-step to add a sub-step.
  • Click the people icon to manage assignees to the task.
  • Click the calendar icon to edit the due date.

Save a workflow as a template

Open the context menu (...) and select Save as workflow template to save a workflow as a template for re-use.


Update a workflow template in a task

Make changes to a workflow template, then open the context menu (...) and select Update workflow template.

Remove a workflow from a task

Open the context menu (...) and select Remove workflow from this task.

Change a workflow in a task

Changing the workflow, assignees, and due dates does not impact the progress made on the task. However, you cannot change a workflow for completed or archived tasks.


Drag and drop steps in the workflow

You can drag and drop steps and sub-steps in the workflow editing options in the task. Hover your cursor to the area indicated on the screenshot and drag the steps above or below to change the order.


Add rich text description to steps

Enter rich text description to steps. The text you enter here must be within the character limit set, and you can view the character count. See Set up fields to fix the Text Limit


Change step status

Expand the step details and go to the Status menu (as indicated in the image). You can change the status of a step to Not Started, In Progress, Complete, or Skip.


When you select Complete, the task indicator fills in green.


Create a required approval step

Open the context menu (...) and select Approval Required to make the step unskippable. You also can add a sub-step.


Complete all tasks with a single click

Click Mark Complete to move the entire task to Done.


All steps are completed with one click and marked with the green indicator.


Copy a flexible workflow

To copy a task using an existing flexible workflow, open the context menu (...) and select Copy. The updated workflow, that includes added or removed steps and changed assignees, is carried over to the new task.

To create the task with the original flexible workflow (without any changes), re-select the original workflow name in the Workflow dropdown menu of the Copy Task view.