Task dependencies

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Task dependencies let you establish relationships across tasks and work that your team has in progress. Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) can automatically shift due dates forwards or backwards for steps and tasks as you adjust due dates. You also can visualize the relationships across these dependencies in Timeline and List views.


Add related activity

  1. Click Add Related in the Related tab in a task to indicate your work has a relationship with another task but is not depending on it.
  2. Select the Relationship menu and select one of the following options.
    • Depends on – Displays a Task menu to select the task on which this task depends.
    • Relates to – Displays the Activity menu to select the activity to which this task relates.

Manage task dependencies

You may have tasks that depend on each other, such as a current task's due date that may be impacted if the predecessor's due date is changed. Select the Relationship menu and click Depends on and then select your desired Activity type (campaigns, tasks, events and/or work requests).

You can start or complete tasks without requiring actions from the task it is dependent on.

If a task is dependent on your work, you can update dependent task steps or due dates, or continue without impacting their schedule. As dates shift, you are notified of date changes.

Visualize dependencies in the Plan view

After of your dependent tasks are added, go to the Plan view to visualize the relationships across your tasks.

Select the Depends on column in list view to see work that is dependent on tasks. You can update the dependencies using the in-line edit feature in the column in the Plan view as shown in the following image.


When you edit dates from the List view, you can select options to change the dependencies.

Go to the timeline calendar to see the relationships across tasks. You can visualize tasks that are linked to other tasks in the same campaign or across campaigns. Dates visually change as soon as the predecessor task's date is changed.


You can also update dependencies from the Calendar view.