Integrate Poplar

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You can add a direct mail channel to your campaigns with Poplar. This integration lets you expand your omnichannel approach and get your message across to your customers in a tangible form. You can synchronize ODP segments and customer data into Poplar to target them with beautifully designed, personalized postcards or letters.



Create an account with Poplar to use this channel. All costs for this channel are managed within Poplar.

Configure Poplar

  1. Create a campaign in Poplar.

    Log into Poplar and create a new campaign. You create and manage the content and creatives for your campaign here. ODP provides the segment and the dynamic content that you can synchronize to Poplar using Merge Tags.

    You can only synchronize active Poplar campaigns to ODP, so make sure the campaign’s status is Active.


  2. Create new ODP campaigns.

    Create a new one-time, transactional, or behavioral campaign in ODP. Under Enrollment, select or create the segment you want to synchronize to Poplar and target with direct mail. Click Apply.

    You can only reach customers who have opted-in to email communications, even if you are using the address for targeting.


  3. Add Poplar as a channel to an ODP campaign.

    You can add Poplar as a new touchpoint to a campaign.


    Or, you can make your campaign omnichannel and add direct mail to an existing touchpoint in a campaign.


  4. Choose your Poplar campaign.

    Under Target, select your Poplar campaign.


  5. Choose targeting method.

    Your targeting method has cost implications in Poplar. If you enable Use addresses when available and Use email when available, ODP sends all data available for a consumer. If you choose to send only email information, Poplar runs the emails through address matching, which has additional costs.

  6. Personalize your campaign.

    Toggle on Merge Tags to send any customer data available in ODP to Poplar for personalization and dynamic content. This includes information such as your customer’s name, their loyalty points, and the product type they are interested in.

    Quick tip: You should keep personalized product recommendations as product type/category and avoid mentioning specific products. For example, if your customer has a bikini top in their cart, you should simply refer to their cart-abandoned item by its product category, “swimwear.”


    If you choose not to send Merge Tags to Poplar, ODP only synchronizes the targeted segment to Poplar. 

  7. Preview your API call.

    Click Preview.

    "Test sends" are not available on this channel because they incur costs.


When you are ready, click Go Live to synchronize your segment and Merge Tags to Poplar.