Integrate ReCharge

  • Updated

You can integrate ReCharge with Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) to segment your shoppers, personalize your content, and trigger your campaigns.

The values and benefits of integrating ReCharge are as follows:

  • Provide preview opportunities to subscribers whose next charge is scheduled in the near future and encourage them to purchase add-on products with their upcoming order.
  • Send your shoppers transactional messages, including email and SMS, to let them know their next charge is coming up soon or to let them modify their subscription preferences.
  • Create segments based on cancellation reasons and analyze these segments to understand why these customers canceled.
  • Identify your returning customers who have not yet subscribed to your services or products and target them with messages to convert them into subscribers.


  • Subscription to ReCharge.

Configure ReCharge

  1. Go to ODP’s App Directory > ReCharge > Install App.
  2. Under Settings, enter your Shopify store name and authorize the connection to pull data for subscription information. You can track the progress in the Activity Log.
  3. You can add Liquid to your messages to pull in subscription data from ReCharge. 
  4. You can even use ODP recipes for Upcoming Subscription, Subscription Winback, and ReCharge Abandonment to launch campaigns based on subscription data within minutes. These recipes will help you increase your engagement with your customers and provide them with personalized and relevant messages.