Integrate LoyaltyLion

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You can sync customer loyalty data, like points earned, points used, and date joined, into Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) for advanced segmentation and dynamic content creation. 

Integrating LoyaltyLion gives you the following value and benefits.

  • Identify customers who are not yet members of your loyalty program, then segment your top customers in that group. Target them with messaging to convert them into loyalty members.

    Target Customers to Enroll in Loyalty program

  • Create a segment of customers who have earned any loyalty points and exclude them from Cart Abandonment campaigns that encourage purchasing with a discount offer.

    Customers have points

  • Use ODP's Churn Prevention feature to judge loyalty members who have not engaged with your brand in some time and slipped into the Winback zone.
  • Segment your loyalty members based on tiers and target them with relevant messaging. 

Configure LoyaltyLion 

  1. Authorize connection
    1. Go to ODP's App Directory > Loyalty Lion > Settings > Authorize.


    2. Select a LoyaltyLion program to connect with ODP then click Continue.


  2. Start historical sync
    1. After authorizing the connection, return to the Loyalty Lion integration in the App Directory.
    2. Go to Settings > Configuration > Start Historical Sync. This pulls contacts from LoyaltyLion and add or update existing ones in ODP.


      The integration updates data nightly in ODP.

  3. Start creating segments in ODP using LoyaltyLion attributes.