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You can add to your customer profiles by syncing customer loyalty data, like points balance, loyalty tier, and date joined, into Optimizely Data Platform (ODP). Use data from for advanced segmentation and dynamic content creation.

Integrating Smile gives you the following values and benefits:

  • Create personalized content using your customers’ loyalty points balance and loyalty tiers
  • Engage customers between purchases with relevant messages about their loyalty points balance and offer extra points
  • Identify customers who are not yet members of your loyalty program and convert them into members
  • Share referral URLs in your emails to encourage your customers to invite their friends to try your products
  • Reward customers with birthday offers


  • You must have a Enterprise subscription to use this integration. 

Configure Smile

  1. Go to ODP's App Directory > > Install App.
  2. Under Settings, enter your private API key from, then authenticate the connection. You can only access the API if you are on Smile’s enterprise plan (Shopify & BigCommerce).


  3. Expand Configuration and click Sync Loyalty Data.


  4. You can now start using loyalty data to:
    • Create segments in ODP (and sync them to Facebook and Google)


    • Enrich your messages with personalized content in your ODP campaigns


Fields synchronized

Smile Field Optimizely Field Notes
email email  


smile_id High confidence identifier in ODP
first_name first_name  
last_name last_name  
date_of_birth dob_day, dob_month, dob_year Split into three date part fields
points_balance loyalty_points_balance  
referral_url smile_referral_url  
state smile_state  
vip_tier_id loyalty_tier_id  
created_at loyalty_profile_created_at  
updated_at loyalty_profile_updated_at