Expand a test audience

  • Updated

If a preview or test does not have a reachable audience, Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) automatically expands the audience, allowing the preview or test to proceed. This audience expansion does not apply to the campaign's final delivery. Examples for expanded audiences include:

  • A continuous cart abandonment campaign with only a few cart abandoners per day.
  • Campaign constraints that restrict sends to users to only once per week.

Automatic audience expansion

A warning icon displays in the preview when ODP attempts to automatically expand the audience.


ODP only modifies the audience in specific ways to match the desired target audience segment:

  • Ignore other campaign activity requirements such as matched, opened, or clicked specific campaigns.
  • Expand timeframes for required behaviors. For example, when targeting customers who abandoned their cart in the last hour, the timeframe expands to include cart abandoners from any time.
  • Ignore list subscription requirements.
  • Ignore campaign constraints.
  • Ignore activity timeframes.
If ODP does not gather audience members after the expansion, the system displays an error.

If you see an information icon, ODP is not expanding the audience. However, you can toggle the expansion manually to review more samples.