Create and manage campaign groups

  • Updated
If you had access to campaigns prior to April 2023, Optimizely updated the tab name from Campaigns to Activation. All functionality remains the same.

Use campaign groups to organize campaigns by theme or purpose or to prioritize content from one campaign over another when multiple campaigns run at the same time.

Create a group

  1. Go to Activation > Engage > New Group.
  2. Enter the Group Name.
  3. Select Normal Group or Priority Group. A priority group requires additional information.
  4. Click Save.

Create a campaign for the group

When you create a group, ODP adds it to the Groups section of the Activation page. To add a campaign to your group:

  1. Go to Activation > Engage.
  2. Select the desired group.
  3. Click Create New Campaign and continue creating your campaign as desired.

You can view this new group association in the breadcrumb trail when editing your campaign (for example, Campaigns > Group Name > Campaign Name).

Prioritize a group

To enable prioritization, select Priority Group when creating a campaign group. You must choose which campaign type to apply to all campaigns in the group for sending content:

  • Continuous – Each time a customer meets the campaign's enrollment segment and rules.
  • One-time – A single time.
  • Recurring – All customers that meet the campaign's enrollment segment and rules on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Complete the additional scheduling information for the option you select. 

Prioritization in action

Campaigns within a priority group display in priority order:


In the example above, all campaigns in the group send at the same time. Anyone who qualifies for Campaign P1 receives it, and anyone who qualifies for Campaign P2 receives it if they did not receive P1. Customers only receive one message each time the campaign group sends.

You can change the order of priority by hovering over the campaign you want to move and dragging the campaign up or down using the drag icon.


One example is grouping a browse abandon and a cart abandon campaign so that someone does not receive both.

Edit a group's details

To update a group's name, type, and scheduling information:

  1. Go to Activation > Engage.
  2. Hover your cursor over the desired group.
  3. Click the ellipses and select Settings.
  4. Make the desired changes and click Save.

ODP_GroupSettings.png ODP_GroupSettingsPanel.png

Move campaigns between groups

You cannot move campaigns into or out of groups. Any campaign created within a group stays in that group, and any campaign created outside a group cannot be moved into one. You can clone a campaign and place the copy in a different group.

  1. Go to Activation > Engage.
  2. Hover your cursor over the desired campaign.
  3. Click the ellipses and select Copy.
  4. Select the desired Account, Scope, and Group.
  5. Click Copy.

Delete a group

You cannot delete campaign groups. You can repurpose an existing group by editing its details. If you need to delete a campaign group, contact our Support Team.