Configure content shield filter

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The content shield filter ensures that products are properly presented inside of dynamic grids, such as not showing products without an accompanying picture.

The content shield filter is automatically applied to all product-based dynamic grids, indicated by the shield icon.


Configure content shield filter

By default, the content shield presents products that have a name, price, and image URL, but you can customize it further:

  1. Go to Account Settings > Content Shield Filter.


  2. Click Edit to make changes. The content shield filter is configured in the same manner as a typical filter, but you can only select product-based fields. The content shield's purpose is to filter unsafe products from campaigns.
  3. Click Save

You can restore the default configuration by clicking Revert to Default.

Effects on campaigns

Modifications to the content shield affect active campaigns. Campaigns with a dynamic grid based on a behavior are particularly sensitive to complications. The default settings for these dynamic grids prevent them from being presented to a customer in an empty state.


A change resulting in an empty dynamic grid would exclude customers from the campaign.